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I am photographing since 1987. At first only in small format, but I was quickly infected with an experimental virus, which lead me to individual pictures and motifs, mostly far away from the usual family snapshot photography.

As soon as my pocket-money allowed it, I purchased my Mamiya 645 middle format camera, suiting my experimental desire perfectly. 1994-95 an apprenticeship at Jörg Michelsen (1)<EXT> (g), stillife photographer from Düsseldorf/Germany, allowed me to learn the basics of the darkroom technique. After visiting the Ansel Adams - Expedition in Düsseldorf 1995 my future working tool was decided: until today I prefer to work with my favourite camera, a 4x5" Arca Swiss, paired with a Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger. I enlarge solemnly on graded baryta paper!

Somewhere around the end of the 90's I learned the basics of picture editing at a local newspaper – Photoshop 4.0 being the state of the art! ;-)

Opening of the expedition of Prof. Bernd Becher: "Pathos der Sachlichkeit" ("emotional speech of objectvity") in the Ludwig Gallery in Oberhausen Castle

Opening of the expedition of Prof. Bernd Becher: "Pathos der Sachlichkeit" ("emotional speech of objectvity") in the Ludwig Gallery in Oberhausen Castle on 2001, June 16th – „The artist was attending!”
(Photo: Detlef Ludwig, Gigabitfilm GmbH)

In 1998 I came across the "gruppe v" (2)<EXT> (e/g). Especially the aquaintance with their consultant and continuing guest lecturer Detlef Ludwig gave me the opportunity to become the webmaster for their internet presence and webpage in 1999, which I satisfyingly was until their breakup in 2002.

Furthermore I was responsible for the first design of the homepage of Wolfgang Moersch (3)<EXT> (g), still work for Heiland electronic GmbH (4)<EXT> (e/g/po), was crucially involved in the introduction of the Gigabitfilm (5)<EXT> (int), held a lecture in 2002 with the topic "Fine Art Photography and its optimized preparation on the Internet" and designed and developed some artist presentations (on-/offline), held for one year a photo workshop in a grammarschool and designed the yearbook 2009 for the "Rhein Taipei Chinesische Schule" (Rhein Taipei Chinese School) (6)<EXT> (g) in Neuss/Germany.

Additionaly several other works were accomplished, like designing business cards, logos and product packagings, creating product photographies, technical data brochures and flyers, as well as the usual photo editing incl. restauration of heavy damaged photos.

Since 2000 asian and since 2005 middle age culture, themes and philosophy became a very important part for me and since 2009 the asthetical charm of historical cars and oldtimers followed.

From my deepest conviction I only use free software since 2002 - my current chosen operating system is Debian GNU/Linux (7)<EXT> (int.) v5.0 "Lenny". I use free software because I came to the conclusion that both concepts of "Open Source" and "Free Software" (8)<EXT> (int.) projected on our social life is the key solution of many economical, ecological and social problems on this planet! Just profit-orientated thinking still up today has caused many quesions regarding security and licensing – environment, the people and independant and open projects – e.g. the free operating system Linux (9)<EXT> (int.), the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (10)<EXT> (int.) or the Firefox browser (11)<EXT> (int.) – have to suffer under this circumstance. These free alternatives show a higher innovativity and a more secure handling – due to their open nature – than the monopolistic software patents. The success of this free concepts can be seen e.g. in the increasing global spread of projects like the Apache Webserver (12)<EXT> (e) or the home office suite (13)<EXT> (int.) (meanwhile forked to (14)<EXT> (int.)).
I install, setup und administrate my computers by myself and after over a 100 installations of various distributions I most likely understood the most important part! In my personal neighbourhood some users were happily "married" by me to the penguin! And I draw the attention of newbies and mind-changers, which from time to time "just have a question" ...

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