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  • Bodo P. Schmitz photographs with "Head and Heart" (4)<EXT> (g)
    "Aufmerksamkeit mit Porträts auf sich ziehen"
    NGZ-Online, 2001, April 25th



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I'm designing the following websites – further you can see some of my photos there.
Postdigital Analogue Photography
My own website - this one (e/g)
Ultra high resolution film materials (int.)
TechnicalPan comes back ... (e)
Photography and painting (e/g/ch)
Tips & Tricks for Linux by practical man (g)
Dr. phil. Achim Schmitz
Peace Researcher and Nonviolence Trainer (g)

In "true" reality I made the following works:
Annual book 2009 of the Rhein-Taipei Chinese School in Neuss (e/g/ch)


Heiland electronic GmbH
Darkroom equipment for the practical man (e/g/po)
Mono-C GmbH (g)



Martin Blume – Finest Photographs (e/g)
Douglas Isaac Busch (e)
Christine Cavanna (e)



Other Artists
Astrid Hertel –
„Images in wood”
An der Arbeit von Astrid Hertel fasziniert mich sowohl ihre künstlerische Qualität, als auch die Tatsache, daß die inneren Motive und die daraus resultierenden Fragestellungen gelegentlich große Parallelen zur fotografischen Sichtweise bieten. (g)
Photography and painting (e/g/ch)
Sonja Zeltner-Mueller –
Painting, sculpture, glass art, exhibitions, open studio (g)



Masters of Photography
A very impressive introduction to all the historic celebrities in photography. (e)



Japan and ZEN
Japanese art and the japanese view of nature

This text by Isamu Kurita is a good introduction into the japanese view of art for western people:
"Japanese art and the japanese view of nature" (e/jp)
"The Server for ZEN Buddhism and relating topics."

" is a platform for communication and information where each visitor can contribute to with his or her experiences and information." (g)
"Studying ZEN means to study oneself.
Studying oneself means to forget oneself.
Forgetting oneself means to be in harmony with everything which surrounds us." (e/g)
Düsseldorf is well-known as a centre of many japanese concerns.
At Oberkassel quarter since years there's the japanese culture centre based on the Jodo-Shin school.
Regular they sponsor very fascinating events of different topics:
Lectures, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts, ...
Inside the house is an extensive library with asian-relating books in japanese, english and german language. (g)
The Japanese Culture Institute ("Japanisches Kulturinstitut") in Cologne periodically invites to similar events like the Eko-Haus in Düsseldorf. (g)




Middle ages


Garment and craft
Highland garment chamber (g)
Morphisto lether design (g)


Groups and actors
Bergische Lehnsritter (g)
The Mallbuedels (g)
Die Vaganten – The Vagrancies (g)


Elster Silberflug (g)
Filia Irata (g)
Ensemble Poeta Magica (e/g)
Schelmish (g)


Press and organization
Tamino the juggler (g)
Karfunkel Magazin (g)
Pax et Gaudium Living History (g)



Other links


Here are miscellaneous links which cannot be categorized but seam to be important. (5)<EXT> (g)
cultural commons collecting society
C3S – echte GEMA-Alternative (6)<EXT> (g)
A comfortable pub with beer garden in Düsseldorf Bilk. (7)<EXT> (g)
VW Käfer website from Claus Missing



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