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General texts

About my profession as photographer

Photography and my basic philosophy
(1 page with 1 color photo, Summer 2000)

About my job as webmaster for fine art

A simple introduction text shows up my career from photography to webdesign and my view of a new culture of the image in the internet.
(1 page with 1 b/w photo, Summer 2000)

Documents and lectures about Photography

What is fine print photography?

How to get a fine print using systematic working methods and how to create works with aesthetic and artistic attributes. A personal way of life for this art and some ideas about it.
(3 pages, Summer 2000, revised at July 30th, 2001)


Head or Heart?

A symposium at Ekohaus, the Center of Japanese Culture in Düsseldorf, conducted under the topic "self and selflessness" gave me the opportunity to take a look into Platons cavern.
(2 page with 1 b/w photo, June 20th, 2002)


Ansel Adams or A perspective to fine art photography

A personal experience report to the Ansel Adams retrospective "Ansel Adams at 100" at the "Kulturforum" (Culture Forum) in Berlin from October 11th, 2002 – January 5th, 2003.
(1 page, June 24th, 2003)


Forum Gigabitfilm

Gigabitfilm – A discussion with Alexander Keupp

This is the revised version of an email based discussion while the introduction of the Gigabitfilm.
(2 pages, July 29th, 2001)


Heiland Splitgrade – Easier darkroom works?
A first practical report

A personal statement as „SPLITGRADE newbie”
(1 page, July 29th, 2001)


Technical fetish versus art

Ideas about art in the times of Heiland electronic, Moersch & Gigabitfilm
(1 page, July 21st, 2001)


Documents and lectures about webdesign

Fine Art Photography and its optimized preparation on the Internet

A simple introduction how to put fine art photography into the web and how to preserve the atmosphere of the original print.
(4 pages with 1 colour photo, Summer 2000, revised at July 30th, 2001)

Lecture from Bodo P. Schmitz (Photo: Raphael Stötzel)

Lecture from Bodo P. Schmitz:
"Fine Art Photography and its optimized preparation on the Internet"
(Photo: Raphael Stötzel)

I see something that's not there or
The trend of using thumbnails in the presentation of Fine Art Photography

A short and pregnant introduction why thumbnails don't held what they promise. With picture examples and description texts.
(4 pages with 6 b/w photos, May 9th, 2002)




Lists and tables

A literature list

A list of relating literature for those who want to continue their studies.
(1 page, January 10th, 2003)




My banner and QR code for your link list

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Wallpaper files for your desktop

I offer you two ZIP archives, each of them contains 12 photos. Both for the resolution of 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels.


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