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To contact me regarding photography, web design or the contents of this internet presentation, you can find here my contact addresses.

I don't understand the internet medium as a one-way street, made only for presentation, but more extensively to link information and the sharing of knowledge. Please use the existing possibilities.

This is a private, non-commercial and non-journalistic website.

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I put the contents of this website under the license "Attribution, NoDerivatives 3.0" (CC BY-ND, 2)<EXT> (int.).

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Bodo P. Schmitz designing the web
Bodo P. Schmitz designing a website
(Photo: Detlef Ludwig)




I would like to thank the following persons, who helped me with their critical advice and assistance and still do:

  • Jens Ingenleuf, for his elegant translation :-)
  • Detlef Ludwig, Gigabitfilm GmbH (3)<EXT> (int.), for conceptual help, photos and much more
  • Norbert Müsch, my best friend, for innumerable help and tipps
  • Dr. phil. Achim Schmitz, my brother, for many annotations (4)<EXT> (g)
  • Serhan Sözmen, assistent to Wolfgang Moersch (5)<EXT> (g), for translation
  • Christine Cavanna (6)<EXT> (g), for translation
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