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2014, September 16th

I moved the increasing linux stuff to my new website (4f)<EXT> (g).

2012, July 20th

A new gallery: "Hang".

2012, May 7th

General update of my brothers' website. Dr. phil. Achim Schmitz is Peace Researcher and Nonviolence Trainer. There also you find some of my earlier works. You can find his homepage at (4b)<EXT> (g).

2011, August 29th

Update of the Podcast list

2011, August 11th

General web site update

2011, May 5th

You can download the publications from "freiesMagazin" in the download area.

2010, November 13th

A new gallery: "Body work Hebmüller or The aesthetics of ageless tins".

2010, February 10th

Eine subjektive Auswahl hörens-/sehenswerter Podcasts finden Sie im Bereich Links.

2009, July 12th

A new gallery: „Taiko – Invoking to higher powers”.

2009, May 18th

Meine nun rund 6-jährigen Linux-Erfahrungen lasse ich von jetzt an in diese Seite mit einfließen. Dieser Bereich wird aber wohl eher eine endlose Baustelle bleiben, da sich in diesem Bereich stets so viel tut ...

2008, August 8th

After long abstinence again here's a new website I made. At (4c)<EXT> (e/g/ch) you find the new web site of my taiwanesic art collegue I-Shu Chen.

2007, October 13th

One more Gigabitfilm website: (4d)<EXT> (e).

2006, August 3rd

General web site update

2006, August 1st

Because of too much rain I couldn't continue my "Japanese day festival” (4b)<EXT> (d/e/jp) series this year.

2005, August 9th

My series "Japanese day festival" now is three years old.

2004, October 10th

A new gallery: "The myth of Pangaea".

2003, September 9th

A new gallery: "Japanese day festival".

2003, August 8th

My brothers' website goes online (4b)<EXT> (g). He is Peace Researcher and Nonviolence Trainer.

2003, January 22nd

Two new galleries: "Looking at the shadow" and "Succession".

2002, December 29th

New document: "Ansel Adams or A perspective to fine art photography"
A personal report to the big Ansel Adams retrospective "Ansel Adams at 100" at the "Kulturforum" in Berlin from 2002, October 11th to 2003, January 5th.

2002, December 13th

You like to download new wallpapers for your desktop?
I made two packages each of them containing 12 photos in 800x600 and 1024x768 pixel resolution.

2002, April 19th

A new text: Head or heart? A look into Platons Cavern

2002, February 28th

A literature list for continuing one's studies

2002, February 17th

gruppe v III.
The completely new designed website goes online.

2001, March

New presentation: Wolfgang Moersch's Fine Art Laboratory (4a)<EXT> (g)



Reports and epilogues




2012, June 9th - 24th

At the recently erected Romaneum building in Neuss/Germany I participated the summer exhibition 2012 of the Neusser Künstler Kreis (5d) as a guest artist. Here are some impressions from the vernissage.


2010, December 3rd - 29th

At the "Stadtteilzentrum Bilk" I showed my "The Myth of Pangaea" series. Here are some impressions from the vernissage.

Düsseldorf Bilk

2009, November 29th +
December 6th

This year the 1st "KunstWandelBilk" (5b, 5c) <EXT> (g) was held. You may see some impressions here.

Düsseldorf Bilk

2009, May 16th

Impressions from "Kult Tour Fest 2009”, more information about the event you can find here (5a)<EXT> (g)

Düsseldorf Arcaden

2001, May 19th/20th

6th Fine Art Forum
Information about the event is here

Braunfels, near Wetzlar/Lahn

2000, May 21st

Lecture: "Fine art printing and its optimized preparation on the internet"
Impressions from the 5th Fine Art Forum here
Information about the event is here

Braunfels, near Wetzlar/Lahn



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