Impressed by asian philosophy, its immerse in meditation and its concentration on the origin I think that there is a connection and an insight between the viewer and the motif. I am convinced that a single photo can tell a complete story. Each photo is a complete work for me.
Although I don't work in series or concrete themes in general – I enjoy to combine images when they intensify reciprocally.
Because of this universal view of my photos, it's possible for me to show them in different combinations. Each of them is like a playing-card taken from the game of life. I find them step-by-step and shuffle them over and over again ...

I am always looking for persons, groups and experts of cultural/historic authentic scenes and representations.

I am neither pupil of Ansel Adams nor of Joseph Beuys!




Bodo P. Schmitz (Photo: Detlef Ludwig)

Bodo P. Schmitz on tour (Photo: Detlef Ludwig)



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